25 Cool Office Gadgets For Office Spaces & Businesses

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Investing in cool office equipment is a good way for businesses to relieve employee stress and increase productivity. Office technology is always evolving, which is why it’s important to stay on top of the trends so that you’re aware of the type of office gadgets you should buy for your business’ benefit. Here are 25 must-have office gadgets that you should know about to simplify your work process:

25 Must Have Office Gadgets For Your Office Space

1. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

This gadget uses its powerful yet quiet suction ability to get rid of the dust and particles that tend to get stuck between your keyboard. It’s a convenient way to keep your keyboard hygienic and to increase the durability of your device.

2. Multidevice Keyboard

The multidevice keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect to many technological devices. You can use it to complete various tasks on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

3. Color 3D printer

3D printing is a unique way to display your ideas in the office. You can use it to print prototypes and logos which can be passed around the office. It’s a more engaging and fun way to give a presentation.

4. Office lap desk

If you want a change of scenery from your usual workspace, a lap desk is exactly what you need. You can use it to comfortably work in a chair and on those remote days away from the office, on your couch or in your bed.

5. Neck and shoulder massager

Working at a desk is synonymous with back, shoulder and neck pain. Having a massager on hand is great because it’ll get those tight knots out of your body, allowing you to continue working comfortably.

6. Smart keychain

Smart keychains have a tracking device, which means you’ll never have to worry about where you’ve misplaced your keys ever again.

7. USB coffee warmer

A cup of coffee is great to have while working but getting up to reheat it can put a damper on your productivity. With a USB coffee warmer, you can continue to work while your coffee reheats.

8. Wireless desk lamp

Wireless desk lamps are perfect for offering more lighting in dark office spaces. Every professional needs this at their desk, especially in winter when outside lighting is often inadequate.

9. Personal desk heater

Beat the chills with a personal desk heater. They come in all sorts of colors and will prevent any office disagreements about the room temperature!

10. Cable organizer

A tidy space equals a clear mind and better productivity. Keep your workspace as neat as possible with a cable organizer. Bye bye, tangled cords!

11. USB heating blanket

This cool gadget offers warmth by connecting to your computer’s USB. It’s ideal for the colder months of the year.

12. Standing desk

Always on the go? A standing desk makes it easier to get quick tasks done and stay alert at the same time. It’s an alternative to the traditional desk, minus the back pain that comes with sitting for hours on end.

13. Elevating footrest

Sitting at a desk for hours a day can cause numbness and discomfort. An elevated footrest made with memory foam can help you improve blood circulation and body alignment.

14. Desk organizer

A good, trusted, desk organizer helps with keeping important documents and items organized which improves productivity.

15. Memory foam office chair

It only makes sense that the chair you sit on for hours at a time should be comfortable. Memory foam office chairs increase comfort and decrease the incidence of body aches and pains.

16. Air purifier

Make sure you’re breathing cleaner air in your office by purchasing an air purifier. It will also reduce your chances of getting sick by killing any germs in the air.

17. Smart trash can

Unlike regular trash cans, smart trash cans change the bag and seal themselves. This means no more unhygienic overflowing trash that attracts pests to your office. However, you will have to throw the trash bag outside once the trash can has sealed itself.

18. Wireless charging mousepad

Wireless charging mouse pads offer a convenient way to recharge your devices. The best part is there’s no need for any charging cables, so even if you forget or misplace your charger, you’ll still be able to juice up your gadgets at the office.

19. Magnetic paperclip holder

Isn’t it funny how when you need a paperclip the most, they’re nowhere to be found? Keep all your paperclips in a place where they’ll be easy to find with a magnetic paperclip holder. It’s also ideal for holding staples, pins, and other small metal items.

20. Post-it extreme notes

Nothing is more frustrating than spilling liquid on important sticky notes. This brand of sticky notes is water and weatherproof, meaning they’ll always be safe from any accidental spills.

21. Adjustable cellphone stand

A cellphone stand makes using and charging your phone easier. It also offers the perfect height should you need to hop onto a video call on your cellphone.

22. Pomodoro timer

This is a timer that uses the Pomodoro technique to increase workplace productivity. It allows workers to spend 25-minutes on a task and then take a short break. After 4 25-minute work sessions, a longer break is scheduled.

23. Smart pen

Pens are usually thought of as a simple item, but having a pen that can do more than write offers great convenience in the office. A smart pen doubles as a tablet stylus, an external USB memory drive and a battery for charging devices.

24. Noise-canceling earphones

This gadget is best if you have a home office that tends to get noisy. It’ll help you tune out all the distractions in your home and focus on the work you have to do while listening to an interesting podcast.

25. A classic lava lamp

Bring this mid-century modern decoration into your office for a cool aesthetic. It’ll also help you perk up on your bad days.

Consider adding any one of the 25 cool office gadgets above in your office space to increase morale and productivity.

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